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Kelly Taylor

05/11/2020 12:11:29
Thank you for sharing your documentaries with our station! They are all high quality productions with very interesting subject matter.

Student Intern

05/10/2020 06:21:29
KCPA-TV, Kern County Public Access TV Bakersfield, CA, was stricken from the Time Warner contract so we should produce a video of backhanded tricks local city councils do when they don't really want the public involved. Bakersfield Californian news l

Damitra Dee Dee Stuart

04/05/2020 04:43:47
Will be airing these amazing documentaries on my TV Channel Ambizion TV www.ambiziontv.com

Paul Gavin

04/04/2020 22:48:51
The Legend of the Lake Erie Monster was so informative. I seen the video on COX Cable one Saturday afternoon. I was very impressed. Look forward to seeing others.

Susan Huizenga

02/27/2020 11:41:08
WPAA-TV in Connecticut has redistributed JFK Secret Files, Rabies and Lake Erie Monster. Happy to do so. Rabies definitely an eye opener. Thanks Kevin for sharing your talents.

Jody Wirt

02/24/2020 16:02:38
Excited to have connected with Shocker Enterprises and plan to broadcast these fascinating documentaries beginning Fall 2020 on EATV in San Francisco. These will make great additions to Signal the Message, our showcase of documentaries, Fridays 8-10pm.

Melissa Bondy

02/20/2020 12:24:41
Great documentaries he has submitted to CTN Ann Arbor! blush

Roberta Ciffone

01/30/2020 17:05:47
Great documentaries. Owner is very easy to work with in getting the files. I am excited about putting them in our Broadcast line up for Community 7 Television.

Roberta Ciffone

Mike D

01/28/2020 08:50:22
Great non-biased documentaries. Enjoyed watching them and learned so much. We will be airing them regularly on our PEG chanel.

Abubakkar Nawaz

01/28/2020 08:29:40
Informative documentary very well done. Viewers will enjoy it. Thanks!

Central Vermont Television, Barre, Vermont